Phallosan Forte Review : Buying Guide

I  will share my personal journey about using Phallosan Forte in this blog.

Though I had shared some parts of it PEGym, I will share the full journey in my blog.

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Phallosan Review and Results

Penis enlargement is no longer a new practice. It has gained so much momentum ever since it was discovered that the penis can be enlarged through different means.

There are so many things that can be used to enlarge the penis such as pills, creams and penis devices. And because there are some health concerns that are associated with some penis pills and creams, many have resorted to using penis devices that are usually much safer to use.

Having tried out various penis enlargement devices and pills that did not work, I finally got to know of Phallosan forte and it finally put an end to my sexual misery.

To better understand what Phallosan forte is all about, this article will be looking into the basic things you need to know about this device.

What is Phallosan forte?

It is a penis enlargement gadget or device that makes use of traction to increase the size of the penis. It was first invented in Germany in the year 2001. Phallosan forte is very effective that at the moment, FDA has given its approval after certifying its safety. And FDA does not give such approval easily and no other penis extender has gotten such approval.

Phallosan forte makes use of a gradual pulling process that forces the penile tissues in the penis to tear and then try to repair itself. It is in the process of trying to repair the tissues and cells that more are created resulting in an increase in the size of your penis. This procedure has been practiced in the medical profession many years before it was introduced in the penis enlargement industry.

This principle is very safe and involves a simple process. Once the penis is stretched, the tissues will be stimulated and the cells will be forced to reproduce. A good example of how this process works can be seen in some Africans that stretch their earlobes, lips and even necks with various items. They start by inserting small items and gradually increase it in the holes created (for the lips and earlobes). With time, a big hole is created with the resulting skin very much stretched. In the case of necks, they wear rings or spring-like necklaces that stretch their necks. When removed after a period of time, what you have is a very long neck.

How does Phallosan forte work?

Through the use of the phallosan forte device, a steady tension is applied on the penis. The device comes with a protective cap that encloses the penis inside an airtight sleeve that feels like a condom. A belt is then fastened to the waist or around the thighs which is used to apply gradual but continuous pull or force to the penis. After a period of time, the penis shaft will be filled and will appear bigger and longer.

How to use Phallosan forte

The following steps will show you how to make use of this device.

1st step – using the template that is given, measure the shaft of your penis

2nd step – after measuring your penis, choose a condom sleeve that suits your penis and also the right bell cap for your penis

3rd step – apply powder on the outer part of the sleeve condom. The essence of applying powder is to allow for friction so that the sleeve condom is not torn when you are putting it on

4th step – carefully roll the device sleeve condom slowly on the bell. Place the protector cap on your penis head and pull it with your thumb fingers so as to insert your penis head and guide it to the protector cap. Make sure it is firmly fit

5th step – roll the condom sleeve over the protective cap. Create a vacuum using the suction bell, attach the suction bell to the belt and then wrap it around your thigh or waist.

Remember that you should not go for the highest level of traction when starting out. Start at moderate traction and then build your way up. You will start noticing results in a matter of weeks.

Results from Phallosan forte

From a study carried out using Pallosan forte, it was discovered that on the average, the men used in the study gained an average of 1 inch after wearing it consistently for 7 hours in 6 months. And the results are permanent. So, you can rest assured that you will get a satisfactory result when you commit to using this device. The best part is that it has no side effect when you adhere to the manufacturer’s instruction and not overdo it.

Phallosan Forte : My 7 Months Result and Review